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As I completed the research for this article, I admitted that I was a bit disappointed. How are these companies that have credit card offers that seem to have no one online? Seriously, what’s the point?

If I’m interested in your organization’s credit card, I’d expect to go online and look for your card and … voila, the whole site pops up with all the information I need. It is not magic; everything as it should be, any good marketer knows this.

To my surprise, this is not what I experienced while looking for an Elan credit card. Instead, for all my search efforts, I was greeted by a card member services page. Now tell me how I can become a member when I don’t even find the credit card offer information to decide whether to follow the request.

Upon further investigation, I realized that Elan’s membership page is provided by Elan’s financial services, so I thought if I went to their website, I would be able to access Elan’s credit card offer information.

I went down once it became clear why there were no specific credit offers circulating on the internet, and on this occasion I am disappointed that I now understand who Elan is.

You see, Elan is actually an operations management company that offers credit cards and other financial services to its partners.

They do not offer credit cards to the general public, but they do basic work such as card authorization management, system monitoring and service transaction points.

You must be a business entity to use Elan credit card services. This is because your business will partner with Elan to provide credit card services to your customers, and day-to-day operations will be managed and maintained by Elan Financial Services

Examples include credit cards provided by these two companies, powered by Elan but issued on behalf of the banks.

o Central Pacific Bank credit card

o Bloomfield State Bank

Although the Elan variant has failed, there are many other credit card offers on the market. You can search in many different categories to find the right card for your circumstances. Categories include:

o Airline credit cards

o Balance transfer credit cards

o Business credit cards

o Bad credit credit cards

o Rewards credit cards

o Student credit cards

These are just a few of the available categories, so don’t delay and start your credit card search today.

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